Emotions in medical science


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The Word Emotion Is Derived From The Latin Word " Emovere" Which Means " To Stir Up" Or " To Excite.

In Common Emotion Is Referred To As A Subjective Feeling

Emotion Is A Complex Psychological Phenomena Which Occur As Animal Or People Live Their Lives.

Internal Conscious States  That We Infer In Ourselves And OthersIn Ourselves And Others.

Types Of Emotions

1.) Positive Emotion-    That Lead One To Feel Good About One's Self Will Lead To An Emotionally Happy And Statisfied.

2.) Negative Emotion- Reduce Your Energy And Undermineyour Effectiveness.

Lack Of Desire To Do Anything.

Emotions In Health And Illness-

  • Emotion Play A Big Role In How We Think And How We Behave.

  • It Affect Our Psychological States And Therefore Our Body .

  • Because ,What Is Psychological Is Ultimately Biological.

  •  For Instance Chronic Anger And Depression Make Us Vulnerable To All Kind Of Health Problem ( Hypertension ,Cardiovascular Disease ,Infection).

  • Emotional Health Can Weaken Body Immune System Vulnerable To Infection During Emotionlly Difficult Time.

  • Also When You Don't Feel Good,May You Not Take Care Of Your Health.

  • May Not Feel Like, Eating Exercising  And Taking Medicine.

  • Abuse Of Alcohol Tobacco And Other Drugs-Signs Of Poor Emotional HeaTh .

  • Modern Medicine Show That Uncontrolled Emotionalty Play A Vital Role In The Causation Of Many Physical Disorder Which Include-

            •  Peptic Ulcer

           • Health Disease

           • Epilepsy

            • Insomnia, Chronic   Constipation.

            • Bronchial Asthma.

            • Skin Disorders,Etc.

Categories Of Emotion-

1).Primary Emotion-  Primary Emotions Are Considered To Be Universal And Biological Based.


As It Is First Response To Situation

Example, Love, Joy, Fear, Sadness ,Surprise And Anger 

2).Seconray Emotion- Secondary Emotion Occur As A Reaction To The Primary Emotion.

This Emotion Tend To  Last Longer.

Example,Passion,Optimism,Irritation ,Disgust,Shame,Nervousness.

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